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Praxis für Oralchirurgie
im Bismarck Karree

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Our Practice Philosophy – to look after you

Our aim is to make patients happy by tailoring the therapy options to their individual needs. To achieve this, we work in close cooperation with the dentist that treats you normally.

Our practice for oral surgery in Bismarck Karree is a referral practice. This means that we carry out treatments and therapies that are beyond the limits of what general dentistry can achieve. If your dentist refers you to us, this means that they want to ensure that you receive the best level of care. You can expect first-class, committed solutions from us, even if your case is particularly complex. We will work together with your treating dentist to achieve the highest standard of quality. Therefore we specialise solely in dental surgical procedures.

Most interventions can be carried out under local anaesthetic.

If you don’t want to be fully conscious for the treatment, you have the option of receiving twilight anaesthetic or being sedated. If this is not sufficient, we also offer general anaesthesia. For this purpose, an experienced anaesthetic team comes to our practice every fortnight.

An Overview of our Practice

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Meet the practice team

Dr. Christian Brink

Dr. Brink

1995 Degree and Licence to Practise Medicine from the University of São Paulo in Brazil

1996 – 1998 Training in dentistry specializing in Oral Surgery at the Clinic and Outpatient Clinic for Oral, Maxillofacial and Facial Surgery at the University of Münster under Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. U. Joos.

1998 – 1999 Further specialist training in dentistry at Charité, Campus Virchow, Berlin under Prof. Dr. Dr. J. Bier.

1999 Graduate thesis on implantology at the University of Münster: “Implant restoration following tooth loss caused by trauma - a retrospective study”

1999 Was awarded the title of: Consultant of Oral Surgery

2000 Further training at the Royal London Hospital and Queen Mary’s University Hospital, London

2007 Was declared a specialist in implantology

2001 – 2013 Joined the group practice of Dr. Dr. Peter Gorenflos

From 2013 Founded the Practice for Oral Surgery in Bismarck Karree

June 2013 Was awarded a technical qualification in Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

Is a member of:

BDO The German Federation of Oral Surgeons

DGI The German Association of Oral Implantology

DGZMK The German Association for Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Medical Science

APCD Paulista Association of Dental Surgeons

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Moderne Überweiserpraxis in einem Ärztehaus in bester Lage sucht chirurgischen Kollegen zwecks langfristiger Zusammenarbeit. Ambulantes OP-Zentrum im Haus.

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Praxis für Oralchirurgie
Dr. Christian Brink
Bismarckstraße 45–47
10627 Berlin



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Dina Witt
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Agnes Achtelik
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Veronika Gerdt

Our Services

Oral Surgery

  • Wisdom tooth extraction
  • Apicoectomy – root end resection
  • Surgical tooth extraction
  • Partial removal of teeth (hemisection, amputation)
  • Surgery on jaw cysts
  • Frenuloplasty and lingual frenectomy
  • Exposure of impacted teeth in cooperation with orthodontic jaw specialists
  • Interventions to improve the area supporting prostheses
  • Treatment and restoration of teeth injured in accidents

Oral Medicine

  • Examination and treatment of disease of the oral mucosa
  • Taking swabs for testing for bacterial and fungal disease
  • Cell and tissue sampling to diagnose the cause of tissue changes


Dental implants are very similar to dental prostheses. The implant is a small screw, made of titanium, which is integrated into the jawbone, thus creating a stable foundation. A bridge, crown or prosthesis can then be attached to the implant.

  • Bone augmentation prior to implantation
  • Bone grafting to improve the implant area
  • Maxillary sinus lift for restoration with implanted dental prosthesis

Diagnostic Radiology

  • Taking and analysing panoramic radiographs of the jaw
  • Taking and analysing 3D imaging for the head (CBCT, Cone-Beam Computed Tomography using the Galileos Comfort Plus)

Laser Therapy

We can carry out quick treatments with minimal blood loss with our diode laser.

  • Frenectomy
  • Dental implant exposure
  • Supporting therapies for the periodontium
  • Treatment of peri-implant infections

General Anaesthesia as an Outpatient

General anaesthesia enables more complex operations to be carried out without issues and is often used for nervous patients and children. In conjunction with a consultant anaesthetist, we offer appointments for treatment under general anaesthetic every other Thursday.

All of our treatments can also be carried out under sedation.

Information on the Practice for Colleagues

Our practice specialises solely in oral surgery. We will discuss all patients referred to us in-depth with you and treat them according to your wishes. We appreciate your sending a letter of referral and, if applicable, an X-ray of the patient. After the required therapy is completed, you will receive a medical report and a current X-ray.


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Praxis für Oralchirurgie
im Bismarck Karree

Dr. med. dent. Christian Brink

Bismarckstrasse 45 – 47
10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Telefon: (030) 34 34 7 88 0

E-Mail: info@o-i-berlin.de

Mo, Di, Do 8 – 18 Uhr
Mittwoch 8 – 20 Uhr
Freitag 8 – 14 Uhr

U2, U7 U-Bhf Bismarckstr.
S-Bhf Charlottenburg
Parken auf dem Hof


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Praxis für Oralchirurgie im Bismarck Karree
Dr. med. dent. Christian Brink

Bismarckstrasse 45 – 47
10627 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Telefon: (030) 34 34 7 88 0

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